Why do you need IT Support Service?

Today, even very small businesses and many individuals run sophisticated computer networks.

This burgeoning use of a wide range of devices and networked systems has brought with it an ever-increasing need for qualified System and Network Administrators. No automated tool can replace a trained support professional, but quality human support is labor intensive and expensive.

Many companies have discovered that outsourcing of these functions to an offshore will be a cost-effective means of securing or providing top-level human IT support.

Deliver Required IT Hardware

HW Delivery

ICTFOX can deliver all hardware and software required to your business also we can provide effective Internet services like ADSL, leased lines and VPNs.

We can provide everything including wiring, computers, custom monitor stands, printers, routers, or just about any other peripheral your office may need.

We can handle purchasing custom computers directly for you so that you do not have to worry about what exactly you need or whether it will be compatible with your existing system.
We have the systems delivered to our office where we pre-configure them for your needs.
We test the machines to make sure there are no defects and install the latest updates to the software before they arrive at your location.


IT Support Services

HW Support

Our approach is to prevent problems before they happen.

Our Automated and manual maintenance will help us to prevent most of the problems before they happen.

All of our support plans are customized to fit your needs so that you can worry less about it and spend more time running your business. Small and medium businesses can fare well in today's tough economy by outsourcing their support to ICTFOX.

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Why Our IT Support?

Computers are critically important to doing business and when your computer is down, your business suffers. It is more important than ever to receive instant support for your computer problems.

ICTFOX understands this problem and has worked to develop tools to streamline our ability to handle your problems quickly and efficiently.

Most of the time, we can diagnose and fix your problem without having to send a technician using remote access saves you time and money by reducing downtime for you.