Privacy Policy

ICTFOX Privacy Policy Statement:

ICTFOX is committed to protect your privacy. You can browse most of our site without leaving any personal information, but sometimes we do need this kind of data to respond to your request.
This Privacy Policy is intended to describe how personal information is used and processed.

ICTFOX guarantees that our activities are kept within the confines of this Policy.

By visiting our web site you accept the terms described below. Any personal information submitted on this site it kept in private and will not be used for other purposes then to:
1- Contact you.
2- Deliver the requested product.
3- Alert you about the any changes, or other news related to our company or product.

ICTFOX will not disclose your information to any third party unless you give us your permission to do so.

ICTFOX commit to save your personal information from any misuse, alteration, or disclosure.

ICTFOX reserves the right to modify this statement and terms of use in the whole or in part at any time.

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